Open Source Development

Verus Solutions, a open source management company is one of the best providers of user friendly and scalable open source web development services any company and current it demand. Our team of experienced designers are capable to bring high quality solutions for any kind of business development in open source management like wordpress, joomla, php, magento, drupal, os-commerce, zen-cart with some latest technologies like PHP 3, CSS 3, HTML 5, J-Query, MYSQL etc..


Open Source Management Services

Open Source Management

Verus Solutions offers open source development system or content management system for all kinds of business needs, individual and organizational needs, bloggers, developers and designers. Open source development can help reduce the cost, offer more reliability and scalability. We at Verus Solutions support solutions that can incorporate open source production in the software elucidations or solutions if it’s suitable for the business needs.

Our team of experienced designers are ingenious when it comes to assimilation of the open source with the various operating systems, and other middleware applications. We can offer you exodus services as well as custom-made open source based solutions. In doing so we make it a point only scalable and efficient open source development technologies are used.

The overall endorsement trends and business around Open source software development establish that this technology is making momentous headway as an IT field even for mission-difficult business process.

We offer following Open source development services,
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • CMS implementation
  • Custom management

Advantages of using open source development

  • It’s free to use, quick distribute and edit
  • User friendly, very easy to use and cost effective
  • Very Easy to customize the layout and maintain
  • More consistent, reliable and secure
  • User can update continuously “n” number of times

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