Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design (RWD) is one of the web development technique that creates dynamic changes to the look and feel of a website, depending on the various screen width and orientation of the device being used to viewing it.


Responsive Webpage Design Services

Responsive Website Design

User Responsive website design is a the latest version design approach for the websites to give an finest viewing experience – easy reading and navigate with a least amount of resizing, and scrolling – across a wide range of normal computer and hand-held devices.

Around the world, 91% of citizens having their mobile devices within reach 24/7. And keep on checking their mobile phones an average of 150 times in a day!

  • Coming days Mobile web browsing is projected to take over normal desktop Internet usage by 2016 or nearer.
  • Globally 90% of individuals make use of multiple screens to access the internet.
  • 92% of smartphone searches results in a buy or a visit to a industry.
  • 62% of visitors make use of Google to locate a website that is simply readable (meaning, using hand-held devices.)
Point to consider – the financial implications of non-responsive web design may be computable, the business chance loss cannot. Time to jump into some of our responsive work.

How we do Responsive Design?

The same HTML Script is served to all devices, using CSS3 (which determines the layout of website) to adjust the look and feel of the page. Rather than creating a new website and corresponding codebase for big-screen monitors, desktop system, laptops, tablet pc’s and smartphones of all sizes, a single codebase can support consumer with differently sized viewports.

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