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We here at Verus Solutions provide consulting, plan, design development and functioning, all the aspects of B2B and B2C real estate portal development across India. Our team is capable in building design, GUI design, and DB planning, scripting, mixing and testing, all other aspects of real estate portal development.


Real Estate Portal Development

Real Estate Portal Development

With a real estate portal development, you do buy or sell out a flat, apartment, house and land, etc and you can locate accommodation on rent in most protected and pleased mode. The brokerage program agreed among a buyer and a seller. At the present time, this program is approved via internet. There is n number of websites providing real estate services in the trustworthy means. If you need to sell a home or some property you can register in their websites and individuals who are in require of such property will get in touch with you. The real estate services stands as mean among the buyers and the sellers pleasing a certain percentage of currency as commission charge.

We be familiar with real estate is a highly revenue business. In this business little brokers can make big money within a tiny time. Real estate webmasters can make money many ways

  • Earn via property registration.
  • Earn via commission.
  • Earn via ads
  • Earn via affiliated program.
  • Earn via pop-up ads.

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