Acedemic Projects

At Verus Solutions, we take your final year acedemic projects very seriously because final year projects show case the students technical knowledge and more importantly the interest of the student in technology.


Application Projects

An application should represent a related collection of business solutions. For example, if you were building an e-commerce site you might design an application that includes web applications for catalog shopping and customer account management and the components that support them (Java controls, EJBs, etc.). You might also need to deploy a human resources application for use by your employees

IEEE Projects

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Corporate Training

Training is one of the most crucial aspects in the deployment of IT services. Verus Solutions Technologies offers corporate training for various organizations. We offer solutions as per the specific requirement of the company and focus on the corporate objectives of the company. Our comprehensive training ensures that your employees are well versed with the technicalities of the job and can manage the IT infrastructure efficiently. We have received numerous accolades and is rated as one of Best Corporate Training in Chennai for many IT trainings in India.

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